Acai Helps Save the Rain Forest?

We all know the many health benefits that there are to this amazing little fruit called Acai but did you know that the harvesting of the Acai berry does help preserve the Brazilian Rain forest?

Some companies are actually paying the local residents of the Amazon Rain forest more to harvest the Acai berry than they would make cutting the trees down so it is one more step in preserving the treasured Rainforest.

It turns out that the wood from the trunk of this tree is resistant to pests so it is of great value in the construction trade. Thankfully we have discovered the many nutritional values to the fruit of this tree that we can make it worthwhile to preserve them.

There are those that will tell you that the rainforest holds the cure to many of the diseases that we suffer from today. And perhaps that is true. It is very hard to argue against that when you look at the many health benefits that one can enjoy just from the fruit of the Acai berry.

Be mindful of the companies that you purchase the Acai supplement from, as not all of them are contributing to the local economy the same. You can visit this site to find one of the companies that is contributing more to the Amazon rainforest than any others. As a matter of fact, they were recently awarded the Award for Corporate Excellence by the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice in 2006.

When you want the very best, high quality product, buy Acai from a company that you know is doing all they can to protect the treasured Rainforest and the people that live there. 

Priya Harrison

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