Backpacking With A Bite in Cape Town

Thrill seekers take heed: if you think you’ve done the most extreme things in life already, think again. Perhaps you’ve bungee jumped the great canyons of Australia, or leapt from a plane over American soil and hurtled to the ground. Maybe you’ve spent an hour hang gliding from the peaks in Peru or perhaps you’ve dived the barrier reef. Well, have you swam with sharks yet?

Not for the faint hearted, shark cage diving is when brave individuals are kitted out with scuba gear, locked in an uncomfortably small cage and lowered into the sea – while ravenous great white sharks lurch through the waves just meters away. South Africa’s popular tourist hot spot Cape Town is an ideal location to take part in this heart-pounding activity. Maybe you’re not used to associating South Africa with danger. Sure, it’s known for an excellent extreme sporting scene, but surely getting this close to sharks at feeding time is just plain stupid?

Not at all. Shark cage diving is completely safe and, though hungry sharks will be gnashing their rows of razor sharp teeth inches from your delicate neck, divers are never at risk from these magnificent creatures. The companies that take you into the water for this experience are comprised of highly-trained individuals with years of experience handling sharks. What’s more, they only use top-of-the-range equipment, the most powerful cages and tip-top scuba gear and snorkels for the less experienced. As dangerous as it seems, the experience is entirely safe.

That won’t take away from its impact, though. Once you’ve been underwater with great whites at feeding time, you won’t be able to look back from this unforgettable experience. Whether Jaws terrified you or filled you with wonder, the real thing is just as jaw-dropping and exciting and will provide you with memories that will remain with you for life. Swimming with dolphins will seem like nothing after spending time with one of nature’s most notorious predators.

And by staying in a destination such as Cape Town, once you’ve been brought back to shore – hopefully still in one piece – you’ll be able to soak up the sun, relax on the beach and enjoy a well-deserved, ice cold drink at innumerable cafes and bars. After all, you’ve got to have balance, right? After that, it’ll be time to exercise your own jaws at one of Cape Town’s delectable restaurants.

So, if you really think you’re hard enough during your next holiday, once you have arrived from your flights to Cape Town and settled into the area, be sure hit the waters for a heart-pounding, nerve-shredding nature experience you’ll never forget.

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Priya Harrison

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