Buddhist Tourism in India

The incredible India is a treasure trove of so many varieties. A part from the natural, architectural treasure our mother land allure tourists with different religious tours unlike other countries.

Besides Hindu tourism, Islam and Christian tourism, India offers deep insight into the Buddhist tourism in India to its guest. Buddhism was born in India by Gautam Buddha and it started to spread all over the world. There are many Buddhist pilgrimage centres in India. Devotees from all over the globe visit India to explore the true essence of Buddhism.

The popular Buddhist pilgrimage centre are:

Lumbini – The birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of the main buddhist pilgrimage in India. Buddhist devotees who visit India do visit Lumbini. There are many monasteries and Buddhist temples in Lumbini.

Bodh Gaya – It is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and the most revered and significant buddhist pilgrimage centre not only in India but also in the world. People visit Bodh Gaya to acquire knowledge about Buddhism and meditation.

Sarnath – Sarnath near Varanasi is an important buddhist site. It is the place where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon. Sarnath also famous for monasteries and pagodas.

Kushinagar – Another major place to the Buddhist is Kushinagar. Here Lord attained Mahaparinirwana and also cremated.

Ladakh – Ladakh is famous for Buddhist monasteries, gompas and culture. The predominant religion here is Buddhism. This place occupies an important place in the Buddhist tourism in India.

Ellora Caves – Located in Maharashtra the world famous caves of Ellora adorned with paintings and sculptures related to the life of Lord Buddha.

Priya Harrison

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