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Soul music is definitely not afraid to open up and express itself from the sexual side of the spectrum. Call it bedroom music, freaky jams or whatever you want, but there’s just something about this style that sends a vibe through the listener and puts them on that other level. This bold genre has never been scared to take a walk on the wild side, opening up hearts and souls to the brink of delightful controversy. Whether it’s Love Serenade and others from Barry White’s vault of lustful classics to D’Angelo’s tastefully raunchy “How Does it Feel”, these risque tunes go beyond traditional love ballads, penetrating the soul in a naughty manner while provoking kinky thoughts that dare to be acted upon. Even the most conservative listener can’t deny the passion because when you break it down, everybody’s got their favorite.

Double Your Pleasure

Many people didn’t know what to expect from Floetry, the U.K. turned Philly tandem of soulful sisters. They quickly learned after being hit with a sensuous dose of Floetic, the duo’s highly acclaimed debut album. Although the first single, “Say Yes” is the most of notable sexually orientated tracks, this ground-breaking album actually has a nice mix of mood setters throughout. The way Marsha and Natalie wrap spoken word around R&B and soulful jazz warrants an intimate setting in the dark or perhaps even solo session in a warm bubbly tub. Supple ballads like “Getting Late” generate a pleasurable warmth that can easily lead to something much hotter, making this classic soul album the perfect remedy for after dark rendezvous.

Ask, and Your Desires Shall be Fulfilled

Anointed by many as of the queen of Nu Soul, Jill Scott made sure everyone knew who she was with the release of Who is Jill Scott? in 2000. Though best known for her uplifting, socially responsible cuts, Jill also has a sultry side and the powerfully tantalizing voice to go along with it. “The Way” is a mesmerizing cut from her debut album that struck a chord with several female listeners, causing some to think about the relationship with their men while unleashing the freak within others. This track proved that Jill wasn’t the innocent little girl she was perceived to be as the diva went into detail about the passionate night she had in store. Though nearly a decade old now, you better believe this one is still burning up sheets across the nation.

Nice Hot Cup of Mocha Delight

Soul music has had its fair share of male sex symbols over the years but few have captivated the ladies like Maxwell. Perhaps it’s the poofy black locks and sometimes nappy dreads or smooth jazzy voice that sends women into an uproar. Maxwell’s debut album, Urban Hang Suite was well received, laced with a myriad of cuts well worthy of the “Orgasmic Soul” label. The album was full of catchy mood setters but none more so than “Til the Cops Come Knockin'” The explicit lyrics of this intensely hot song let the world know what was on this brother’s mind.

The Freakish Nature of the Beast

So what is it about soul music that sends listeners into a sexual frenzy? Are these artists merely touching on our hidden fantasies and bringing them to light? Of course, that’s why we’re all in. While such thoughts might cause you to blush, almost everyone appreciates those smooth melodies that help us get off on a little “Sumptin Sumptin”.

Priya Harrison

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