Grand Canyon Activities: Try a Fun, 1-Day Water-Rafting Tour

Come enjoy a Grand Canyon water-rafting trip through one of the best Seven Wonders of the World in Arizona. This is a must-do activity if you are ever in this spectacular desert state located in the southwestern area of the United States. Making it stand out is that there’s no whitewater rapids, which positions it as the perfect trip for vacationers of all ages including kids.

Grand Canyon National Park is among the world’s most famous holiday destinations. More than 5 million people check out it annually, and many of them embark on one of these extraordinary 1-day rafting journeys down the Colorado River. It’s an absolutely beautiful setting and being able to sightsee from this point of view is nothing like you’ve probably ever seen before.

This is actually the ideal option to explore what this extraordinary sight is all about and what it has to offer. A gentle and smooth ride down the amazing Colorado River on a rubber, motorized pontoon adventure-grade raft that can support 19 people of nearly every age. It’s an all-day experience which will take you through one of the planet’s most ancient landscapes.

Pictures, tv shows and films don’t come near to documenting the beauty of this river journey. To truly do it justice, you must visit it on your own. To begin with, rafting rides depart from the base of Glen Canyon Dam. Simply looking up to the top of the dam is exciting. Then there’s the part where you wind your way through world-famous Horseshoe Bend, an incredible spot in the river marked by turquoise waters and red-sandstone cliffs.

These rafting tours are about twelve-and-a-half-hours long they usually include whatever you will need for the trip. You’ll be able to swim so make sure to bring a bathing suit. You will also probably want to bring your sun block, sunglasses and a hat, too. The sunlight gets pretty powerful but you will be fine if you take those things mentioned previously. All your food and drinks are also included in the price of the trip.

Cruising down the river, you will be able to see so many sights that the majority of canyon visitors miss. Fact is the canyon is 1-mile deep and that to hike it from top to bottom takes a day with an overnight before you make the trek out. You, however, are able to unwind and cruise the base before pulling out at Lee’s Ferry and getting aboard luxury bus back to Grand Canyon Village.

This will make the most ideal family reunion trip or a perfect youth group event for church or other kind of youth group. This can actually make you appreciate life more and fill you with a certain sense of serenity. What a wondrous way of spending special time with your best friends and family.

You will have an absolute blast should you take a Grand Canyon water-rafting adventure. Be sure to start planning as far ahead of time as you possibly can though as seats for these incredible tours go fast. I typically recommend no less than 3 days before departure time. Also, purchase your trip online. This is where the top offers are and it’s quite normal to save between 15 to 20 % from the list price.

Priya Harrison

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