How to Choose Your Wedding Destination Abroad

With so many great wedding destinations abroad how do you choose the one that’s just right for you?

It can be great fun choosing where to get married abroad; the world really is your oyster. However to ensure you make the right decision and choose a wedding destination that will live up to and exceed your expectations there are a number of important factors you should take into consideration.

Choosing your wedding destination is the first and most important thing you will do when planning your wedding abroad and it is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. There is a lot more than geography that goes into choosing a wedding destination so giving careful consideration to each of the factors listed below should help you select the destination that’s just right for you.

  1. Firstly, think about the style of wedding you would like to have. For example would you like your wedding to be traditional and elegant, stylish and relaxed or unique and creative?
  2. Think about the setting you would like your wedding to take place in. Would you like to be surrounded by history and culture, amidst the bright lights and buzz of city life, amongst the calm and tranquility of the countryside or would you like to get married by the sea?
  3. Consider what type of experience you would like your guests to have – after all many will be taking holiday time to travel abroad for your wedding. Do you think your guests would enjoy a holiday in the sun, exploring historical sites or going on a safari?
  4. Think about what type of weather you would like for your wedding day? Is it important that there is warmth and sunshine or would you like to rug up in the snow?
  5. Determine how much money you would like to spend on your wedding. Do some destinations offer exceptional value for money but lack the ability for you to create a personalised and unique wedding day?
  6. Think about who you would like to celebrate your wedding with. Would you like to have a large or small wedding? Generally the further away your wedding destination is, the lower your acceptance rate will be.
  7. Think about how easy it will be to plan a wedding in a particular country – could you plan your own wedding or would you have to use a Tour Operator or Wedding Planner?
  8. Understand what the legal and residential requirements are for getting married in a particular country. Can you fulfill them? Will your marriage be legal in your home country?

When choosing your wedding destination abroad there is no substitute for research. Use the internet, speak to travel companies, ask family and friends for first hand experiences and use travel guides to find out as much information as possible about different destinations.

When researching possible wedding destinations take your answers to the above factors into consideration and prioritise them in order of importance. For each destination think about how closely the above factors meet your criteria and its associated priority. As an example, you have decided that you would like to get married on a beach, hold your reception outdoors and for your family and friends to have a fun holiday in the sun. At first glance, The Caribbean appears to tick all your boxes. However, your most important criteria is to be surrounded by all your family and friends and you know that traveling to the Caribbean will be too far and costly for them.

After further research you discover Cyprus matches more closely with your criteria – being closer to home, it is a more affordable travel destination for your family and friends and it also gives you the all important beach wedding that you desire.

Therefore, if you take the above factors into consideration and do your research the perfect wedding destination will be out there waiting to play host to your wedding abroad.

Priya Harrison

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