Interesting Tips to Spice Up Your San Juan Tours

No matter what your age and interests, San Juan has a lot to offer tourists. There are lots of interesting places to see and there are many things you could do, if you’re not into lazing about. Every visitor who comes to enjoy San Juan tours has heard of its famous attractions like museums, national gallery and the famous churches. But, what are the things you can do to make your San Juan tours more memorable? Here are some lesser known tips:

The Bacardi Factory:
Many tourists do not really think of hitting the Bacardi factory but a drive to the factory (if you have a rented car, this is the fastest way to get there) is definitely worth it. Besides the two free drinks they give you (they can make anything you want), the trip is very informative. A video presentation, lots of history and a study on how to make cocktails are some of the activities you’ll enjoy when you visit the ‘Cathedral of Rums’.

University of Puerto Rico:
The cultural bounty of this place makes this place somewhere you’d want to go on your San Juan tours. There is a wealth of early 20th century buildings for those who like their dose of historical monuments. If you’re a bookworm, the La Tertulia is the ideal place for a cup of coffee and relaxed reading. The Campus reminds one of a tropical park with its exquisitely done plazas and museum. There aren’t any remarkable eateries here but you could sink your teeth into some delicious sandwiches at El Hippopotamo or have a few glasses of fruit batidas.

El Morro fort – at night!
This historic fort is on the list of To Do’s of most people who come to enjoy the San Juan tours. After all, who’d want to miss the maze of dungeons outposts and tunnels in this place! But, most people visit this place in the day time. Try it at night – it’s a completely different experience. Simply sit on the grass and watch the twinkling lights as cruise ships pass by you in the inky darkness of the night. In the place where the ships pass through the narrow channel next to the hill, you can even catch the laughter, music and the sound of conversation from the ships. The feeling is surreal, to say the least.

Luquillo beach:
San Juan tours are incomplete without a visit to the Luquillo beach. This is one of Puerto Rico’s most visited attractions. The view from the beach, at all times, is spectacular. The water is calm and the reefs are stunning. While here, make it a point to visit The Balneario beach. This is a great place for surfing.

Finally, for a unique experience at the fag end of your San Juan tours, find the time to enjoy a food and historical tour of the island on foot. Try different foods as you visit the monuments. This is a fun way to check out the ‘flavor’ of the city you’re in.

Priya Harrison

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