Keep the Road-Trip Safe and Cool With These Dog Travel Products

Every dog owner should take along certain dog travel products when traveling with their dog. A good dog travel bowl will come in handy on your road trip. Make sure your travel bowl is made of something durable and fits securely in place while you travel. In order to keep your pet cool during hot weather, be sure to also invest in dog crate cooling fans. Some fans even come with car adapters which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep your dog cool.

When stuck in a car for a long period of time, it is common for pets to get anxious – especially if they are not used to travelling. In order to keep your pet comfortable during your journey, you should consider buying some relaxing and soothing medicines such as homeopathic flower essence and pheromones. These are available as time-release supplements or in liquid form, and produce a calming effect in your pet. For stronger pet medication, you may require a prescription from your vet.

You should also train your pet to enter and remain in their dog carrier by enticing them with treats and food rewards. This way they will not feel forced into and trapped in the carrier and can instead develop a sense of familiarity with it. Do not forget to take along your dog’s favorite toy or pillow such that they may feel right at home and less anxious while travelling in the carrier. If you swerve unexpectedly, stop abruptly or are involved in a crash, you will also be grateful that you had your beloved pet restrained in a dog car harness, which helps to protect your dog in the backseat while you are driving.

Priya Harrison

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