Major Tourist Destinations of India

India is affectionately dubbed as the land of diversity. Whether it is geography or culture, the diversity in India is simply fascinating. Dramatic changes can be seen in its geographical features. Its wonderful geography encompasses snow-capped mountains, deserts, plains, forests, hills, plateaus, beaches, rivers, lakes and much more.

India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, Bay of Bengal in the southeast and Indian Ocean in the south. Out of the total area of India 90.44 % is covered by land and 9.56 % by water. It is the seventh largest country in the world dotted with mesmerizing tourist destinations. It is a wonderful country blessed with a variety of attractions such as mountains, hills, valleys, plains, gardens, wildlife, beaches, backwaters, islands, heritage sites, palaces, forts, monuments and culture.

With its oldest civilization in the world, India is a land of incredible attractions- art and architecture, diverse geographical locations, fairs and festivals, music and dance, ayurveda (the most ancient medical system), meditation and yoga, customs and costumes, tantra, mantra, cults and spirituality.

Wildlife Tour India
Experience the wilderness of nature in the exotic forests of India. India wildlife tour will take you to enchanting wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks which are home to a variety of wildlife species, including the endangered ones. You can even go for special tiger tours. Some of the destinations are famous the world over.

Desert Tour India
Sit on a camel and explore the unfathomable sand dunes of the desert of Rajasthan and participate in the colorful festival organized in the desert. Stay in the camps organized on the sand dunes and enjoy a different experience altogether.

Hill Station Tour India
The captivating hill stations of India are marked by towering snow-capped mountain peaks, mesmerizing valleys, lovely lakes, enchanting waterfalls, bewitching tea and coffee gardens, charming streams and pleasant climate. These hill stations also offer great adventure sports facilities.

Beaches and Backwaters Tour India
Hypnotizing to the hilt, the beaches and backwaters of India attract tourists from all over the world. Offering fun, entertainment, adventure and natural beauty in abundance, these attractions of India never fail to capture the hearts of tourists.

Cultural and Heritage Tour India
India is the richest country in the world when it comes to culture and heritage. Every state of the country offers its own unique culture. Rajasthan is among the most culturally rich state of the country which is also the most famous tourist destination. Its palaces, forts, havelis, heritage hotels, luxury train take the tourists to the era of raja-maharaja. These are several other wonderful heritage monuments scattered across the country. There are more than 25 World Heritage Sites in India.

Pilgrimage tour India
India is a land of Gods and saints who lived here during ancient age. Religion is a very significant part of the lives of the people of India. Different religions have thrived here since ages. There are numerous pilgrimage sites in the country, some of which are located in extremely beautiful surroundings.

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