Mongoose Rockadile – A Perfect Mountain Bike

When it comes to mountain bikes then there are lots of options available, because today the sport of mountain biking is providing a very large market and large number of companies and brands are jumped into this arena. But as we know that not all the companies or brands are providing required quality and it is difficult to choose the right one.

Today, one of the most respected brands in the business of bike manufacturing is Mongoose. Mongoose is famous for its high reputation and its high quality bikes that have the ability to handle any kind of situation. The company Mongoose was began in early 1974 and the person named Skip Hess is started this company in the form of small business in South California. After some time this company was sold to the investors named Pacific Cycle.

Basically Mongoose offers different types of BMX bikes of different models. The different models of Rockadile bikes have different styles and specifications and cost of these bikes are obliviously depends on the size, style and specifications of the bike. Actually they produce bikes of different calibers for all kind of riders. Normally all the Mongoose bikes are associated with the sports bikes.

Rockadile BMX mountain bike is also a model of Mongoose Company. This model is released in the year of 2009. Let us take a look on the different specifications of Rockadile mountain bike.

Specifications of Mongoose Rockadile:

Rockadile is a very comfortable mountain bike. The frame of this bike is very strong that is made up of pure aluminum. Usually the size of this bike is about 24 inches which is really very comfortable for teenagers and also for senior persons. Rockadile has a seven speed chain that allows its riders to set different levels of speed.

The shape and design of Rockadile is very attractive and it is available in different colors like black, white etc. It also have a front suspension system that provides shock absorption and very smooth or better handling on the trail.

Rockadile mountain bike has Promax Alloy V-brakes that are very soft as compare with other models of the Mongoose bikes but they stop sharply on the dry surface. The overall weight of this bike is very low and it also has a very good pair of tires that provide very firm grip with the surface.

Reliability of Mongoose Rockadile:

It is a very reliable mountain bike. The biggest advantage of this bike is that you have the peace of mind because of the reputation of the company. So, Rockadile bikes are very reliable and some dealers also provide limited warranty for them. It is a quality product and can found in almost every part of the world.

Cost of Mongoose Rockadile:

The Rockadile bike is available is very reasonable prices but the prices of this bike varies from country to country. In some countries Mongoose Rockadile bike is comparatively expensive while in some countries the price of this bike is comparatively low.

Priya Harrison

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