Visit the Best Summer Vacation Destination on a Low Budget

Most people think having a summer vacation on their favourite and popular destination will be too expensive for them to undertake. Hm, this is far from the truth. You can plan and visit those destinations you so much love and cherish while you are on a low budget.

When you are on a budget and want to visit the destination you love, it is good you first of all do research on such places. Information is very important here. Check the destination’s hotels, amusement parks, or beaches and see where you can easily save money. To do this, you can locate some travel websites where discounts are offered on hotels, restaurant and even flight tickets. One of these website is, here you will find discounts on hotels, flight to destination, cruises etc. One key thing here is planning. You have got to plan your vacation way before the actual date to allow you to save money in a big way. For example, some airlines offer discount for a flight book from about a month before the actual date of travel. You can do these to save your money.

Now it really depends on where you want to visit, but let us consider some popular destinations here and see how to cut some costs and save money.

Theme park and resort

These are popular especially for family vacations. There are some interesting theme park and resort like the ones found in Orlando Studios, Disneyland, and Disney World which can be a bit expensive, but not to worry, you can still vacation in these destinations. There are so many ways to save money while on Disneyland resort.

One, you can choose to stay off the property and stay in a close-by town like Orlando. In this way, you can book an air/hotel package that will probably be less than what you pay utilising Disney’s resort benefits. You will also be able to take a look at interesting sight in Orlando such as Universal studios and Sea world.

Two, you can also go into the parks with small coolers. You can bring in your own bottled water or soft drinks or even a light lunch to avoid the high prices at the restaurants. This will in no small measure save you enormous money. If you are on vacation with your family members, you can bring a backpack with you to bring in your own snacks to keep the children from screaming for cotton candy which is a bit expensive especially when we are talking about how to save money here.

The list is endless, you can check my blog for more ways to save money while on vacation.

Priya Harrison

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